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Mini club activities
for children

Here at the Oleandri Resort the Family is at the center of our attention. We love to take care of adults and children to make our guests live the holiday they have always dreamed of without having to give up the well-being of the whole family.


Family holiday

Our guests choose us and reconfirm the appreciation from year to year thanks to the bond of full reliability that is created, thanks to the passion we have for the welcoming and the commitment we put to meet all the needs, of adults and children.

Knowing that the little ones have fun and are in good hands at any time of the day, allows parents to really live a holiday of well-deserved relaxation.


Mini club

The young guests will be welcomed by a warm and qualified team of animators who will take care of them involving them in many fun activities immersed in the green of our spaces and guiding them in the discovery of new sensations, scents and colors. The holiday becomes an opportunity for children to develop new attitudes, to discover unconventional games, to socialize and learn the importance of sharing. You can count on the professionalism of our staff and knowing them in good hands, you can enjoy your well-deserved holiday!

Kids menu

A special mention goes to our Chef who has designed a Kids’ menu with great attention, with healthy and complete proposals that vary every day to best meet the needs of small guests. A great credit also goes to our Pastry Chef who every afternoon produces delicious snacks that accompany growth and make the afternoon at the mini-club tasty and special. Only the best for your children, freshness and quality!


Our garden of desires

A real educational laboratory inside the Olea House, an important moment of sharing, discovery and growth in contact with nature. Guided by a specialized staff, your children can live a unique experience by experiencing the genuineness of the products cultivated with love, discovering the beauty of the animals thanks to the small educational farm. Each of them will also be entrusted with a seedling that they will see grow and can care with love, to understand the importance of caring and respect for the traditions.

Activities designed to amaze

We have created a rich program of activities tailored to children, who will feel at ease in the wonderful world of “Olea House”, a special place designed for them. An oasis of well-being and fun for our young guests from 3 years old, who will be engaged in many fun activities including games, painting courses, dances, creative labs, preparation of shows, educational activities and much more. Our staff of animators will always be present to take care of their every need.

Protagonists of an enchanted fairy tale

DISCOVERING THE WORLD There is no better opportunity than a holiday to grow, have fun and experience new things. In a safe and quiet environment, children can test themselves, socialize with others, dance, act, followed and accompanied by our entertainment team. This is the right opportunity to socialize, to test yourself and thus learn to dance and act. Every moment becomes a new discovery!

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