Oleandrire Resort Paestum





Raw material of great quality

Love, respect for nature, creativity, innovation and a watchful eye to tradition these are the secret ingredients that the chef uses to always give a unique touch to his dishes. We use products from our garden only when they are at peak nutritional properties, when the flavors are authentic and the respect of the seasons is guaranteed. The selection of raw materials work takes place "according to nature" and all our staff has a particular sensitivity in the processing of the products, in order to always ensure the highest quality and taste.

The same attention is also guaranteed by our pastry department, which every day delights our guests from the morning at breakfast, where it is easy to let yourself be tempted by the goodness and variety of the desserts proposed and by the scent of sugar and cinnamon fried zeppoline on sight, to continue then for lunch and dinner with the whimsical desserts offered at the restaurant. We guarantee only the best for our guests and this can be seen and heard!

The Resort offers its guests different solutions in order to have a seaside holiday of conviviality and good food, which is why you can have lunch at our Beach Club ocean view, or you can choose delicious snacks in our Bistro in Borgolea the pool, or you can use the restaurant Rosemary inside the Resort for either a light lunch or a tasty dinner or simply for a pizza very yummy. Whatever type of vacation for your family, our gastronomic offer puts surely all agree.

The Bistrot Borgolea

It is located by the pool and is the perfect compromise for those who prefer the freedom of a casual lunch without giving up the quality of selected raw materials, the genuine taste of concise menu, the freshness of the products used. Our guests especially love a pure taste break at our bistro, because it does not impose rules, but fits the needs, it is possible to enjoy your favorite products conveniently lying in the sun or shade of the patio. The bistro welcomes guests from the morning for a tasty breakfast until 19:00 for a relaxing cocktail at sunset.

The restaurant Rosmarino

Surrounded by greenery is ideal for those who want to spend a holiday in the sign of the authentic flavors of traditional Cilento with a keen eye, however, innovation, trends, to discover the good and the beautiful. Our chef has prepared a menu full of freshness that is able to meet the full needs of the whole family, primarily those of the children who are the real stars of the holiday. The air we breathe in our restaurant is authentic conviviality but at the same time professional welcome that will allow you to personally experience that leaves its mark in the heart.

The Beach Club

Convivial atmosphere, intense colors of summer, panoramic view, sea breeze, fresh and high quality products with a unique taste of the Mediterranean tradition, these are the elements that describe fully the experience at the restaurant of our beach club. Here you can have lunch and spend a day in perfect harmony. Our chef personally selects all the raw materials, from the counter of fresh fish exposed in the hall, the vegetables strictly seasonal, the most delicious ingredients, fruit genuine taste, all accompanied by a wonderful sea view that relaxes the mind and it regenerates you.

The pizzeria

Inside the Resort, it is the desire to give our guests a truly unique experience of fruit care and special dedication. From the first bite we feel the strong quality of the products and the strong link with the Cilento. We devote time and attention to the creation of our dough which happens to be lightweight and highly blimp. Our pizza is indeed tasty crispy, seasoned with the best selected raw materials, from San Marzano tomatoes, the buffalo mozzarella from Paestum, vegetable zero km, oil DOP Cilento. Definitely to try!


Located in the lobby has a lounge area on the terrace to ensure our guests convivial moments of comfort and relaxation. The bar area is available in the evenings so you can match the pleasure of the wonderful fresh selection of cocktails available on our card. This space has been enriched by a wonderful corner of Cigars and Rum for true connoisseurs, much appreciated by those who want to donate to the holiday a sophisticated taste and class. Not everything is featured, each according to his expectations can spend the stay which has always dreamed of.

Cooking For Kids

Our chef has an eye for younger guests who spend convivial moments of joy, while following a healthy and complete. They are dedicated to the special recipes that offer cheerfully tasty and nutritious delicacies, children's menu is carefully studied and varied each day to best meet their needs. Choosing our resort can fully enjoy the holiday without concerns, parents are quiet, the kids are happy. This is the secret of a happy family.

Gluten-free cuisine

Since March 2012 our structure has become part of an AIC project "Food away from home gluten-free" and then our restaurant was included in the AIC handbook. This important recognition was given to us because our Chef and his entire staff, is very careful in processing procedures and cooking food respecting the criteria required to ensure non-contamination of foods with gluten. Our guests can enjoy delicious dishes while your relax!