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The quality can be seen.
The professionalism and passion of those who manages and operates the Oleandri Resort are well recognized. On this page we proudly present – the various awards from accordatici, tourism portals containing reviews of our customers, that certify the quality of our structure after accurate inspections.

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The Savoy Beach Hotel has been included in 2013 Tavellers ' Choicethe special ranking of the best places to stay in the world. The Resort has entered the top 25 family-friendly category, i.e. facilities ideal for families.

Unlike other hotel awards, the winners of TripAdvisor traveler's Choice are not selected on the basis of evaluations of the experts but taking into account millions of reviews and opinions collected in one year by travelers from around the world. The awards 2013 in category family friendly, were awarded a total of 231 families identified facilities in 26 countries and areas worldwide.

The Oleandri Resort precedes hotels of important tourist destinations like Florida in the United States, Biggera Waters in Australia or Playa del Carmen in Mexico and finished in fifth place in the European rankings.

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Trivago is a community dedicated entirely to travel, attractions, and every single tourist destination, with an eye toward the hotel.Oleandri Resort Top Trivago

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The Guide Touring Club 2015:

approx. 4,500. total reported exercises, of which 2,400 2,100 hotels, restaurants, hospitality 111 alternative forms of entertainment.

The leadership abandons the traditional medals and forks in favor of a subdivision of colours (blue for hotels and red for restaurants) and typology (rooms and kitchen; Italian rooms and good food; Other hospitality and Other Eat, Other addresses for sleeping and eating) that allows an easier and immediate consultation.

Oleandri Resort this year won the ITALIAN ROOMS and good food.

Oleandri Resort Touring Club 2015

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