Paestum Archaeological Park

An unforgettable holiday in Cilento, a land rich in history, traditions and nature ...

The location is ideal for a pleasant holiday by the sea with interesting visits to the Greek temples and natural beauties of Cilento.

The Oleandri is situated in the coastal area of Paestum. Its privileged location gives you access to the private beach through a path in the shade of the pine forest that runs along the coast. The temples and the Archaeological Museum of Paestum are just two kilometres far. A wonderful scenery will accompany you during a leisurely stroll for art and beauty! Within a radius of one kilometer from the hotel there are several services such as ATMs, pharmacy, supermarket, Tobacconist, newsagent, etc. For a wider choice, in just four kilometres it is possible to reach the Center, Capaccio Scalo.

At the Oleandri Resort we strive passionately to offer a perfect holiday to the whole family, even outside the hotel. This is why our Concierge service will offer you every day indications on what to see in the Cilento area, suggesting the excursions and itineraries suitable for you as those below:

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Paestum represents, with its three majestic temples (Temple of Hera, Neptune and Athena) the most obvious evidence of the incomparable heritance from Greek civilization. Opportunity to visit the National Archaeological Museum and the Basilica

HERAIA MUSIC TEMPLES – Friday 10 August at 21:00




Still, in these amazing summer evenings, concerts in Paestum: Friday 10 August will be the turn of Peppe Barra with the show "... And walking ", accompanied by Paolo Del Vecchio with guitar-mandolin, Luke Uche on piano-accordion, Ivan Lacagnina on percussion, Sasa Pelosi on bass and George Macmillan on cello.

A show where Peppe Barra offers his latest album "... And Walking ", a tribute to his artistic career started 50 years ago.

A journey through the vast cultural landscape traversed by the bar that offers old and new songs by different artists, in a crescendo of excitement and music.

By the authors of the past as Pisano-Rendine (Pansy) to arrive at the homage to Eduardo De Filippo (Uocchie arraggiunate there) to the reinterpretation of songs by contemporary authors such as "Vasame" by Enzo Gragnaniello and "walk, walk" by Pino Daniele, the texts recited by "Tiempo" in which the artistic creativity of the Neapolitan singer and actor is the highest peak, in this eternal journey of music and poetry.

Voice and dialect are the main tools of his work. His voice allows him to achieve admirable results, staged with the support of musicians that have long been his traveling companions and wisely are involved in the preparation of potions of Peppe, blending timbres and ladders different musical traditions, creating a sound which combines tradition and innovation. Rituals and open eyes on the future, devotion to the folk traditions are at the heart of the show.


Friday 10 August 2018, at 21:00 – the archaeological Area of Paestum

reservations required: at the ticket office or online

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of the Park (main door – near the Temple of Neptune – and Museum).

Those in possession of the evening ticket (€15.00 reservation fee), at 19:30 will have to leave the Park and may fall at 20:00.

The ticket includes: entrance to the archaeological site (after 20:00 limited to the South, Temple of Neptune and c.d. Basilica) Museum exhibition "invisible image. The tomb of the diver " show. For those who want to take advantage of the offer, Please arrive at the Archaeological Park at 17:30

Note: €15.00 reservation fee;

reduced: for children under the age of eighteen and for holders of a valid PaestumMia or subscription card Adopts a block: €5.50 reservation fee

7 subscription music concert temples:

full price: €75.00 reservation fee;


◾ to children under eighteen and for holders of a valid PaestumMia or subscription card Adopts a block: €38.50 reservation fee

◾ for those aged between 18 and 25 years old: €51.25 reservation fee

The Festival will continue with concerts every Friday: info is


Friday, August 10 "...and walkingPeppe Barra in concert with Paolo Del Vecchio Guitar-mandolin, Luca Urciuolo, piano-accordion, Ivan Lachica percussion, Sasa Hairy low cost, George Macmillan cello

Friday, August 17Kelly Joyce in Jazz Mon Amour"with Maurizio Rolli on bass, Teo Ciavarella at the piano and Massimo Manzi on drums

Friday, August 24 in NATIONAL PREVIEWPARIS CINEMA TANGO"with the participation of the singer Letizia Onorati and with the Paolo Di Sabatino Trio and David Carrillo

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