Paestum Archaeological Park

An unforgettable holiday in Cilento, a land rich in history, traditions and nature ...

The location is ideal for a pleasant holiday by the sea with interesting visits to the Greek temples and natural beauties of Cilento.

The Oleandri is situated in the coastal area of Paestum. Its privileged location gives you access to the private beach through a path in the shade of the pine forest that runs along the coast. The temples and the Archaeological Museum of Paestum are just two kilometres far. A wonderful scenery will accompany you during a leisurely stroll for art and beauty! Within a radius of one kilometer from the hotel there are several services such as ATMs, pharmacy, supermarket, Tobacconist, newsagent, etc. For a wider choice, in just four kilometres it is possible to reach the Center, Capaccio Scalo.

At the Oleandri Resort we strive passionately to offer a perfect holiday to the whole family, even outside the hotel. This is why our Concierge service will offer you every day indications on what to see in the Cilento area, suggesting the excursions and itineraries suitable for you as those below:

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Paestum represents, with its three majestic temples (Temple of Hera, Athena and Poseidon) the most obvious testimony to the unparalleled legacy left by the Greek civilization. it is possible to visit the National Archaeological Museum and the early Christian Basilica.

Monday 9 April 2018 hours 10:00 at the Museum of Paestum
Cultural heritage can contribute to the creation of profound communication forms and understanding among men? It is possible that a work of art can free people from impediments and barriers by putting them in touch with each other? Can a Museum and an archaeological site be open places where everyone has the chance to express themselves?
The archaeological site of Paestum is convinced and continues to develop the theme of universal accessibility of cultural heritage world autism awareness day, 2018.
starting from 10:00, in the "cell" of the Museum Director Gabriel Zuchtriegel will present the project of MIBACT "Comics in museums": a series of graphic novels, soon at the Museum of Paestum, designed for museum education, inaugurating a new dialogue between students and museums. The initiative stems from the desire to make known to the boys the collections of museums in Italy, through a new language, cartoon art. Drawing the comic for the archeological Paestum was Dr. Pira, pseudonym of Maurice Piraccini, cartoonist and designer.
To follow will speak on the topic of autism and cultural accessibility:
Renata Fayaz, headmaster ITT Basil Focaccia that started with the Pae of itineraries dedicated to visually impaired boys
Joan Celia, Director of the International Centre for psychology and psychotherapy of Salerno, – Autism in key strategic integrated between science and creativity
Giovanni Minucci, Cilento4all Association – Autism and Accessibility: experiences of Autism Friendly museum tours
Anna Ferrara, Cava de ' Tirreni citizen Observatory on the status of persons with disabilitiesThe iris, the message, hope
Stefano Esposito, expert in cataloging archival heritage and books – The iris between myth and cinema
Joseph Miller, creator of an accessible tourist itinerary which includes the archaeological site of Paestum – Work & Autism: you can?

During the morning will be projected scenes from the film "my little genius" by Jodie Foster, will be presented a panel multimaterico on a wooden base with recycled materials from the topic "Conversation", produced by students with developmental disorder autistic spectrum of ITT "Focaccia" of Salerno and planted flower bulbs Iris, dear to Van Gogh autistic artist, as a sign of hope and commitment of Paestum Archaeological Park to expand the accessibility and cultural material. 0828811023

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