Eating gluten-free is not easy: grains that are not allowed for Celiacs are found in many food products and the risk of accidental contamination from gluten is often present in the processes of the food industry.

TheItalian Celiac Association witha unique project in Europe, called Away-from-Home Gluten-free Diet, through specific training courses, has created a chain of restaurants informed about celiac disease that offer a service suitable for celiac food needs. Since March 2012 our structure has become part of this project and can offer tasty celiac cookingIn addition to an excellent gluten-free pizza!

To allow a good kitchen organization, which meets security requirements in the processing of gluten-free menu, you should report any intolerance upon reservation (non-reporting could result, in many cases, in less quantity, quality and safety of food).
Feel free to discuss your preferences and your needs: the Resort's staff will be happy to listen to you and assist you to the best of our ability!