MINI CLUB and entertainment for CHILDREN NO STOP FROM 10 to 18

mascotte olea

Starting from June 10, the kids club will be non-STOP: we've provided for your children the brand new "Olea's House", a special place of fun dedicated to children, where it will also be possible to do the daily NAP in compliance with the biological rhythms of each child. Parents in on holiday with children can rely on the professionalism of the staff of animation that assists children with tenderness and passion for him not to miss anything and let you relax sapendoli in very good hands. Your children will be involved with so many fun activities, games, designs, dance, recreational fun Labs, putting on shows, educational activities and more. Entertainment will be available throughout the summer season (from 25 May to 15 September).

Children's Club (from 3 to 11 years)

At our Kids Club every child is the protagonist of an enchanted tale. Dedicated to young guests from 3 to 12 years, 6 days a week. Our kids club is organized by specialized staff that prepare exciting games and other cultural and sport activities, according to the needs of various ages, both within the beach and inside the Resort. Kids dance is followed after dinner together with special performances and shows.


Club Pajamas is a babysitting service (no specific activities planned). Enables parents to leave their children in the company of entertainers; experienced and qualified in a dedicated area with all the necessary facilities (bed, sofa, video etc)

  • Hours Reception and registration 10:00 children on the beach
  • 10:00 hours morning Login
  • 13:00 hours lunch at Olea's House
  • Hours 14:30 Nap
  • Hours 15:30 Early afternoon activities
  • 16:30 Snack Break hours
  • Hours Delivery 18:00 children to parents
  • Hours 21:30 Baby Dance

Conditions of access:

Duration: From 10 to 18, 6 days a week
Minimum age: 3 years
Maximum age: 11 years
Price: € 15 per day only for the meal if not already included in the booked treatment (half board and/or full Board)

Juniors ' Club (from 12 to 17 years)
Included in the price

The teenagers meet each other according to their wishes, with the complicity of their animator, shall participate in the activities of the Resort.

In program:

  • Sporting activities: archery, table tennis, beach volleyball, table football ...
  • Artistic activities: dance, show, crazy signs
  • Evening: animation, cinema, show ...

Conditions of access:

Duration: 6 days out of 7
Minimum age: 11 years
Maximum age: 17 years

Teenagers are under the responsibility of the organizers only during activities organised for them.

Discover all the activities for this summer:

I think Olea

Olea CreoPath designed to stimulate the creativity of children, helping them to acquire manipulative capacity and technical skills, as well as to deepen the concepts of matter and colour and to improve their ability to relate to others and work with others. The workshop will be structured in meetings where they will create small objects with different common materials (paper, cardboard, crayons, stones, shells, wood, chalk, gypsum, beads, flour, etc.). Methodology: children will learn to recognise and perceive the various materials which are used in the production of manufactured goods.


bambini avventura

Get ready for slides and paths to cross as real champions. The bravest will be rewarded; the goal is to gain endurance while having fun... let's see who will be the winner of the day!


archeobambiniImpressive recreation workshop that allows to experience archeological dig within an area. As in real life, children will become real archaeologists, with suitable equipment and accessories. Finding within a special area remains of terra cotta, and porcelain, formerly buried, to clean up, put together and glue with care and skill will be a difficult but not impossible task. Needless to point out that children in the kids club will appreciate this funny and unique activity.


Mani in Pasta - Laboratorio per bambini per imparare a fare la pizza e la pasta frescaAfter playing the role of a true professional pizzaiolo, children will be individually guided, for the preparation of the classic Neapolitan pizza: knead, stretch, season, bake and ... eat your pizza. It is an experience that children will never forget!


foto di scuola cucina

Oleandri Resort promotes a cooking school where children can experience the true Mediterranean diet and learn the preparation of typical dishes of Cilento: gnocchi, cavatelli, fusilli, zeppole and scauratielli.


TESOROMap, compass and fantasy for an unusual and very exciting treasure hunt that will lead us to the discovery of valuable assets. Will our heroes find the golden nuggets and bring them to destination?


DETECThe CSI game proposes to resolve made-up cases, helping you to succeed in unveiling their mistery. Would you like to test yourself as a criminal agent? Then you will play the role of an agent who deals with the inspections and prepares tests in the laboratory, common to the CSI tv series, this is why we are sure your kids will be anxious of trying it out firsthand.
Checking every piece of the crime scene and use the tools seen in the series are just some of the aspects of this fantastic game.


bambini ortoA tribute to spring and hot summer, a relief for the spirit: "Botanical Garden". Plants and flowers will be planted in a special day; our buddy "Sparrow Scares" will preside over the business of planting... and then what are you waiting for? Come visit us in the enchanted garden, without which buildings and palaces are only rough manual work.


bambini tenda okCreating an exciting adventure is one of the main goals of "Pinetiamo" activity. Coccinelle and Cubs will assemble in the circle of friendship in order to appreciate the nature, testing their skills in crossing the pine forest and recreating a sort of tent city. The motto of the day is: "The beauty is to help others"!


miniclub, miniclub villaggio, miniclub paestum

Each activity undertaken by our entertainers becomes an event not to be missed. In this activity, children will be engaged in the realization of the famous volcano, taking care of creating the landscape that surrounds it, through small artifacts. The end result will be a volcano that emits all its power, releasing smoke from its crater. Excellent opportunity for parents to film the event with their cameras or take some memorable photos.


aquiloneA jump in the blue to discover the great attractiveness of kites, always funny and exciting, especially for children.

This activity will take place during the week of construction and creative workshops.
Get ready, set... let's FLYYYYYYYYYYY!!!